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Oozeq is a stable cornstarch and water putty with a variety of uses.

Oozeq is Eco Friendly ··· A Bit of "oobleck" History

Oozeq molds for concrete, plaster or clay can be removed and reused, or washed away with water.

Oozeq withstands heat to 400 F, air dries to a nylon plastic consistency and at all times remains water soluble.

Oozeq can act as a binder for other materials, as an adhesive and as an electrolyte and cathode in aluminum batteries.

seven things to do with Oozeq

Seven Things to Do With Oozeq
Masking Paint
Binder for Sand
Molds and Armatures
Aluminum Batteries
Bioplastic Rubber
3D Printing
Experimental Thermal Protection
Never-Dry Variety

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3D Drawing With Oozeq

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An Oozeq Battery - Something To Experiment With

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Neat Nails with Oozeq!

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Genuine Oozeq Unboxing + Testing

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Mold Making With Oozeq

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Oozeq TPS - Thermal Protection System