Ingredients: Cornstarch, Water, Glycerin, Canola, Soap
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Oozeq contains only cornstarch, glycerin, water, canola oil and soap.

Oozeq fidget clay is ready-to-use out of the package, doesn't dry out, and cleans up with water.

Oozeq silly polymer is fun, useful, new, and different!

A Bit of "oobleck" History

Oozeq molds for concrete, plaster or clay can be removed and reused, or washed away with water.
Oozeq withstands heat to 300 F, never dries out and at all times remains water soluble.
Oozeq can act as a binder for other materials, as an adhesive and as an electrolyte and cathode in aluminum batteries.

Oozeq Documentation