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Binder for sand, fiber and more. Also useful as an adhesive.

Oozeq may be mixed with a variety of materials to form composite putties.

Mixing about 2 parts sand with 1 part Oozeq by volume will result in a material that is clean, may be carved, sculpted and even cast in molds. The optimal mix will contain enough sand so that the Oozeq is not visible, and no stray grains of sand crumble out of the material.

Fiber, including acrylic and PLA fiber used to reinforce concrete, may be mixed in with Oozeq to form a material with the consistency of bubble gum.

Oozeq mixed with sand or fiber will not dry out.

Even as Oozeq may be used as a binder in a composite putty, Oozeq may also be used as an adhesive in various applications and with various materials.

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