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 +**Fondant and Edible Decoration**
 +Oozeq is made of only edible ingredients.
 +Sugar, salt, chocolate and any other dry or oil based material may be incorporated into very thin sheets of Oozeq.
 +Mixing may be accomplished by rolling between two non-stick surfaces such as silicone parchment paper or sil-pat type rolling mats.  Dusting with plain cornstarch or 10x confectioners'​ sugar may help.
 +To acheive sheets less than 1/16 inch (1 mm) thick, incorporate plain cornstarch, confectioners sugar or other dry powder into the Oozeq by repeated rolling. ​ Ratio is approximately 1 part Oozeq to 2 parts dry powder, by volume.
 +[[http://​​oozeq]] has photos of examples.
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