patented hydrogel
Clean label is possible with only starch and water required.
Stable and bioadhesive, Oozeq is film forming.
Works with any starch or combination of starches.
works with any starch
The invention claimed is:
1. A process for the formation of a shear thickening dilatant fluid, comprising the steps of:
obtaining a quantity of starch gel;
adding dry starch to said starch gel to form a starch mixture;
stirring said starch mixture until mixed;
kneading said mixed starch mixture into a smooth pliable cohesive mass;
whereby said smooth pliable cohesive mass comprises a shear thickening dilatant fluid suited to being molded and more stable than said starch gel.
Metaperspirant, deodorant after sweat. Dry, smooth and water clean up, this solid cream deodorant applies bioadhesive film forming to interrupt bacteria and oily sweat causing odor.
metaperspirant deodorant - interrupt odor
Spa Klei demonstrates the versatility of Oozeq, a cohesive putty that is smooth and clean to the touch.
Spa Klei aromatherapy - attack panic