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natural deodorant
solid cream
Natural Deodorant

Gentle, effective odor control.

Solid Cream Natural Deodorant
«fosses fraîche» with Oozeq

Questions and Answers

Q. What is in this?
A. Ingredients are only Non-GMO unmodified arrowroot starch, Non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and water.
Metal Free
contains No aluminum, potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc or compounds containing metals.

one finger scoopQ. How much do I use?
A. Use only as much as you can easily scoop up with one dry fingertip. More is not better.

Q. When should I apply this?
A. Apply at the beginning of the day before dressing. Start with clean dry skin, perhaps applying soon after washing with soap and water and drying.

two finger applicationQ. How do I apply this?
A. Slowly. Spread onto two fingers, and slowly apply to clean, dry underarm. Oozeq Solid Cream is dilatant or shear thickening and acts like a solid when moved quickly. Oozeq Solid Cream becomes more fluid when moved slowly, and is more easily spread to a thin film. Slowly apply, gently massage in until no longer visible. Should start feeling dry as it is applied. Be sure to coat the entire underarm (axilla) area where hair is growing. Sweat from hair follicle sweat glands (Apocrine glands) is thought to be the main contributor to body odor.

Q. How do I clean Solid Cream natural deodorant off hands or surfaces?
A. Solid Cream rinses away quickly with plain water, or wipes off easily with a damp cloth.

Q. What if body odor is still noticeable after using this?
A. Deodorant effects should last from 8 to 24 hours.
Moisture may move to clothing and produce odor. Change affected garments.
Wash underarm area with soap and water or cleansing moist wipe. Apply fresh Oozeq Solid Cream natural deodorant.

Q. How does this deodorant work?
A. Body odor is at least in part due to a process where unpleasant smelling thioalcohol is generated by streptococcus hominus bacteria that thrive in the warmth and moisture of the human underarm. Apocrine sweat glands at hair follicles are thought to produce oils that fuel these bacteria.
Oozeq (“OOZE-eck”) starch hydrogel, the technology behind Solid Cream natural deodorant, appears to interrupt this process by providing a dry, invisible film of starch gel on the surface of the skin.
Glycerin in Solid Cream natural deodorant may also help prevent a stale odor that naturally occurring fungi may otherwise produce.

Q. «fosses fraîche»?
A. French, literally "fresh pits" :)

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Spa Klei is luxury aromatherapy essential oil diffuser dough.

Questions and Answers

Q. What do I do with this?
A. Remove from jar and hold in hand, pinch and stretch or just roll it between your fingers. As the material moves, it releases the aroma of the essential oil it contains. Even just opening the jar one can enjoy the aroma of the gently diffusing essential oil.

Q. What is in this?
A. Ingredients are only food grade cornstarch, food grade vegetable glycerin, water and essential oil.

Q. How long does it last?
A. Oozeq remains stable for years, even with regular use. While it may become tougher over time, slow gentle kneading in the warmth of one's hands will reawaken the soft, smooth Oozeq. Add just one drop of essential oil to recharge or even change the aroma.

Q. How do I store Spa Klei with Oozeq?
A. Oozeq cannot fully dry out due to the glycerin content. We recommend storing Spa Klei with Oozeq in the original glass jar packaging to retain the essential oil aroma.

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Oozeq in arts and crafts
Oozeq ("OOZE-eck") is a patent pending hydrogel, made of only plant based edible ingredients, that may be molded like clay and stretched like putty.

Artists of all ages and expertise levels may use Oozeq to create sculptures, molds, crayons, window découpage, sand art, candles and even cake decoration.

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Oozeq ("OOZE-eck") contains only food grade cornstarch, glycerin and water.

All of our products are made with Oozeq, our patent pending starch hydrogel technology.

Shelf life is years.
Reusable until rinsed away with water.

Oozeq is non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D 4236.

Manufactured by Oobleq Ltd, Bel Air, Maryland, USA

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